Our customers love us! 

"So Good! I used to travel down to SLC for Thai food - no more! The pad Thai is perfect!" Deb D on Yelp

"Excellent service, excellent food. The second our group sat down we were met with multiple waiters who filled our waters quickly and were very attentive the whole time.  Our food came out quickly and was soooo good. The Tom Ka is a must-try.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the massaman and yellow curry.  The plates were big, and perfect for sharing." Ashley S, American Fork, on Yelp

"Very impressed.  Ate here for the first time. Spring rolls and the peanut sauce was fresh and tasted so good. The green curry and the Pad Thai was excellent. Friendly service   Portions are very large. This place is actually right up there with some of tbt best Thai places in salt lake. They have a full bar and this place is very nice and the atmosphere is great." Tom, Midway, Utah on Yelp.

"So this is the third time I've been to this Kimball Junction GEM, and now I must say something. I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT! Let me count the ways ...

My first two visits happened to be on a Saturday afternoon, and the lunch special is just M-F , which makes sense but I spaced that fact.  So I was to order dinner portions for lunch by myself !? 

It turns out that was a great idea because whats better than one delicious Thai meal ? TWO. 

I went noodles both times. First was the Drunken Noodles.  Deliciously rich and dark sauce, silky fat noodles, crispy vegetables, and an aromatic steam to die for.  It was perfect for my liking, although I asked for the infamous spice caddy to heat up my experience. 

Next week was an adventurous choice to opt for the special from the northern realms of Thailand. Khao Soi.  Egg noodles in a rich creamy yellow curry broth with 1/2 of a chicken in and crispy noodles riding high atop the dish.   It was divine. And when i reheated it that night it was even better.  

Now I'm running long .... lunch was great today. Typical 2 items with crispy egg roll and salad with white or brown rice.   But not so typical was just the focus on flavor and the "little differences". The brown rice belongs in the palace of the king.   Every bite was delicious. I damn near licked the bowls !

Keep up the good work !    Kob khun rub!"  Mikey T, SLC, on Yelp

"Great restaurant in Park City, Utah. Service was great, atmosphere was that of a typical Thai restaurant, and food was amazing.
Servers here at Thai So Good were very friendly and accommodating with the simplest things, as it should be. Such as fetching more water. The servers came over several times to see how I was doing to make I had the best experience possible here at Thai So Good. Overall, service was great and friendly.
Food here was amazing! Does take a while for food to come out, but it's worth it! I ordered the chicken fried rice, not expecting much, and I ended being quite pleased! Flavors were very vibrant, sauces were great. Overall, food was great here at Thai So Good.
Atmosphere here was that of a typical Thai restaurant. Nothing really special. There were a couple loud families, but that was not the fault of the restaurant.

Overall, I had a great experience at Thai So Good and I highly recommend it if you are in Park City" Aiden G, Bonsai, CA on Yelp